Matt as LinkIs Art Dead?

It seems like blank canvases and sloppy paint splatter are making thousands of dollars while quality, skillful pieces were left neglected and collecting dust.

Even in Oklahoma where I live you see the same ten paintings over and over again. Wolves, buffalo, cowboys, horses, teepees. Not that they aren’t good, but where is the flair? What is unique?

I wanted to tell a different story.

Art should inspire us, encourage us, influence us. Art should have purpose.

Art should motivate dreams and evoke adventure. That’s why I’ve been creating worlds of color and exploration since I was able to hold a pencil.

Art is Starving

Why bring “sophistication” into a room when you can bring color? Why settle for “positive energy” when you can pursue a fulfilling odyssey?

In a world of copy-paste cubicles, how will you exuberate your personality? What does an eye drift toward when it’s drowning in caramel-beige walls and the concrete coldness of life?

You yearn for adventure, so why not show it? Art is starving for a satisfying voyage, and you can take that voyage here.

hayley-boothe-weddingHi! I’m Hayley.

I have a day job and a husband. I like chocolate and coffee. I cater to all things geeky and I’m also a gamer girl. 😉

Back in the day my college-age self working toward an art degree wondered if there was any place for me in the art world. God had the answer.

After designing and painting a 4,500 sq ft Safari Mural in the children’s wing of my church, I had discovered a purpose.

Of course, my passion and knack for art was always there, but one often feels empty handed even with a paintbrush or a pencil.

I want my art to have a personal touch and be something a collector can connect with. Yes, that’s a bit cliche. But I think a lot of us have lost touch with visual art and it’s meaning in our culture.

We all need something a bit more than the daily grind. We need something to remind us that in life we shouldn’t just try to “get by.” We need to be reminded of our passions and our dreams, the road that lies ahead.

So whether I’m painting a space mural in my parents’ living room or a portrait of the 10th Doctor for you, I want to help bring our world to life. 🙂

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